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Troubleshooting common problems when using Code::Blocks

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So you’ve created and debugged your first program in Code::Blocks. But something’s still not working right. What do you do next? Let’s go over some common problems that many programmers run into when getting started with Code::Blocks. We will also review frequently used troubleshooting suggestions and tips.

Common issues with Code::Blocks

I’m unable to build my project

Problem: All of the Build-related options are grayed out.

Solution: Code::Blocks checks the file extension for individual files before allowing them to be compiled. Save your file with the correct file extension (*.c or *.cpp). More often it is useful to create a project so that Code::Blocks can manage the entire build.

I’m unable to compile my project

Problem: Syntax. Syntax errors, incorrect errors in formatting of code, and accidental typographical errors will not allow the program to run correctly. You may see errors that do not allow you to build or compile.

Solution: Methodically check the syntax of the programming language that you are using. You can do this by reading your code. You can step through your code line by line, or you may choose to set break points and watches to isolate segments of your code. If needed, consult documentation for the specific programming language that you are using. Sometimes the smallest error can disable an entire program.

Multiple undefined reference errors

Problem: Every time I build, Code::Blocks reports multiple undefined reference errors. Example:
undefined reference to `WSACleanup@8
undefined reference to `WSACleanup@0
Solution: Check to see if the required library is not linked with your project. Go to Project->Build options…->Linker settings (tab) and add the required library or libraries.

If the error includes a line number, it is likely that this is a problem with your code. Track down your function declarations and implementations. Ensure they all match up, are spelled correctly, and have the correct scope resolution.

A Code::Blocks option I expect to be able to find is missing

Problem: The option I was looking for is nowhere to be found in Code::Blocks.

Solution: Many features of Code::Blocks are implemented by means of plugins. Open Plugins->Manage plugins… and ensure that the one you are trying to use is not disabled. If the plugin you are looking for is not in the list, it’s possible that you removed or disabled it on installation. To acquire the plugin, reinstall Code::Blocks (double checking that the desired plugin is included).

These are some of the most common errors that you may run into when using Code::Blocks. To learn about other errors or problems, consider checking or In addition, when using any software program, app or utility, it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the documentation on the developer’s website. Further documentation is available at

You are now well on your way to building and managing complex programs and applications using the complete and extendable Code::Blocks IDE.




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